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Best Aquatic Movies

Best Aquatic Movies

Many great movies can be found above or inside the water. The sea seems to have a major impact or inspiration for some of the movie producers and you can find them playing around the water and with everything that can be inside it.

As we know, only 5% of the waters on the Earth is discovered, which leaves a fantastic opportunity for all the producers to play around with the remaining 95% which is basically inventing everything that is inside.

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing aquatic movies that revolve around the seas and the waters of the world.



Jaws is a well-known movie that made its soundtrack recognisable all over the world, and whenever you hear these three tones from it, you know sharks are coming.

There is an interesting story going on about this movie which was recorded back in 1975 when there was not much knowledge about sharks and their behaviour. So how could a movie that talks about sharks can explain and recreate what sharks are doing under water and how can they know the way they attack if there has been almost no evidence of it? Simple – the villain in this movie occurs rarely and in dramatic situations where the sharks’ movement is not clearly presented in front of the camera. A perfect use of the situation and the shark-knowledge up to that date.



One really old movie that dates back from 1994 and talks about the WWII, where the plot and the set of the movie are inspired by a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Six random people find themselves on a lifeboat after their ship was sunk by the Germans. They don’t know each other, they have no idea who of them is on which side of the war and it turns out to have a fantastic plot twist. Everyone who’s watched Lifeboat is saying amazing words for the movie.


The Mermaid

This is a movie from the other side of the world. A Chinese-Hong Kong fantasy/romantic/comedy/drama movie that features mermaids and happenings under water and above it.

Released in 2016, unlike many Chinese movies, The Mermaid made a huge database of fans and is spreading around the world. You can find similarities in Slots such as Mermaid Millions and other video games that inspired the Mermaid and the plot.



The perfect resemblance of one huge happening from the past where Titanic’s first journey was eventually its last and this movie shows it and brings it to the spotlight. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet were real stars, but the underwater halls of the sinking ship, the musicians that never stopped playing, the captain that stood proudly as his ship was sinking are just one of the many perfect scenes that his movie offers. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it do it now, and don’t forget to bring tissues with you as you won’t be able to control the teardrops from your eyes.


The Very First Slot Machine Symbols

The Very First Slot Machine Symbols

There are a number of symbols that appear on many of the ground slots machines and video slot games on the internet that are repeating and are present on most of the games, and although everyone is aware of this and are familiar with the symbols, they have no idea how they are made or what they mean.

For all the video and ground slot game lovers out there, we are going to make a brief history of the very first symbols of the slot machines, and it is rather an exciting and unbelievable story.


The Very First Slot

It all started back in the days where ground based machines could earn you nothing more but food or drink in the bar where they were placed. It is strange to comprehend that the very first slot machines used five reels and it had card symbols inside it. This is why almost all of the modern video slot machines nowadays have card symbols, usually as the lower valued symbols of the game.


The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell was the very first automatic slot machine which used three reels. This slot machine could payout an astonishing jackpot of £0.50 as a combination of three Bell symbols which paid x10 of the £0.05 maximum bet. This is where the Bell symbol got its attention and it has been used throughout the years and it is still used today. It counts as one of the very first symbols of slot games.


Bar and Fruit Symbols

Gambling was, and still is, restricted in some of the places around the world, and in order to go around the law but still have a profit out of the machines that were programmed to always give the owner much more than it gives to the players, they had to invent a new way around the law. This is where the fruit symbols come to play, and they were the perfect solution and the biggest hit back in the days. Land three of the same fruits and you would’ve received a bubble gum with that flavour, and later on a bag of the fruit and the rewards were going until they were replaced with money.

The Bar symbol has a different story. Because of the publicity of the slot machines and bubble gums, there were new companies rising that were producing bubble guns for the slot machines.  This is where the Bell-Fruit Gum Company stood out, as they had what is now the BAR symbols as their logo. They would put the BAR symbol in their slot machines as well, together with the bell and the fruits symbols, and they are one of the very first to combine these three different symbols together.


Today’s slots, such as Double Bubble slots and many other ones are using the Bell, Fruit and Bar symbols on their reels. Add the lucky number 7 to the reels and you have a complete image of how the classic symbols were invented.




Mythical Creatures found in the Seas Around the World

Mythical Creatures found in the Seas Around the World

Legendary creatures were walking the earth, and flying the skies all over the world demonstrated by different mythologies. These creatures gathered as much attention as they possibly could and are involved in many movies, video games, songs, books and tales from the past. Apart from these two groups of creatures, there are even more mysterious ones – the creatures that were swimming in the waters of Earth in the past.

Knowing the fact that only 5% of the waters of the Earth are discovered at this very moment, it’s devastating to comprehend and hard to digest the fact about the rest 95% and what could be expecting us there, but let’s focus on what we know regarding the Mythical creatures of the Sea, and mention the ones that made the most impact on our world.



The legendary sea monster that was travelling around Norway and Iceland is often mentioned in pirate stories and myths. Kraken was considered to be a giant squid that would often come up to the surface of the sea to attack ships and do damage to the people that were interfering in his territory.  There were also tales where whole islands would simply appear and after some time disappear from the map – that was the sign of Kraken and his warning for people.

There are bubble and currents in the Scandinavian seas, and this is believed to be the remainings of Kraken.



Mermaids are one of the most known mythological creatures that found their way to many movies, books, cartoons and even games where you can win money. The Mermaids are half fish half humans with the top half being the human one. One of the most famous Mermaids that paved the way for the others was Ariel, and if you wish to find out more about the mermaids while having the fantastic opportunity to earn some cash, try this Mermaids Millions Slot Bonus, and grasp everything that this site offers.



The monster that occupied the seas around Ancient Canaan, which is the Middle East region, revolving around nowadays Palestine. Leviathan is considered to be the grandson of Noah, which usually had twining sea serpent, often considered as the symbol of chaos.

Other books and tales presented Leviathan as a whale with seven heads and he was believed to be the king of lies, taking advantage of his heads, while some other mythologies considered him as the king of the fish. In modern Hebrew, the name Leviathan means whale, adopting the latter story that we just talked about.


Loch Ness Monster

Another creature that roamed the seas is The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, lived in Scotland and was presented as a female creature, due to his name. Unlike the other creatures that we mentioned, many people reported that they caught Nessie on the site or in the picture, so it is still not 100% certain whether we can place Nessie in the Mythical creatures or real live ones. Whichever category Nessie belongs to, it is one amazing sea creature that deserves her place on this list.

Cute Animals found in Video Games

Cute Animals found in Video Games

Since the very simple video games, there were players that were sceptic about the theme of the game, the design, and the origin. There are different kinds of players that demand different games – some may like the thrill and adventure of horror games, action games with a lot of spilling blood, violence, and artificial creatures. Others may like strategy and historical games that demand brain activation, while third may just want to simply lay back and enjoy with some cute animals running around the yard or wherever, that will evoke cute feelings inside them.

For the latter, we have narrowed down the list of cute animal games that are available on PC, and that is worth for you to try. Take a good look at the game and let us know if you have any suggestions.


Ecco the Dolphin

The Trippy underwater adventures continue with Ecco the Dolphin, where you sing to the other dolphins, do back flips inside and out of the water while the game keeps you calm and entertained. The game is themed back in the time where Dolphins were the most advanced creatures in the world. Still considered as the most intellectual water mammals, and they deservingly got a game dedicated to them.


Dogmeat (Fallout Series)

In the original Fallout, the owner of Dogmeat is beat to death by thugs, and this lovely canine companion seeks for revenge. After witnessing what happened to his owner, he distrusts everyone, so you need to show him that not everything is as it seems, and he will start to follow you. One of the best and loveliest animal characters that can accompany you in video games.


Kitty (Kitty Glitter)

Here, IGT had taken animals into different kind of game, Slot game. There are several Kittens that are the main actors in this game, where together with some of the main objects that are representing the cats, are the symbols of this slot game. If you are interested in something like this, check out Kitty Glitter Free Spins and have a lovely time.
With perfect gameplay and interesting design and graphics added to the bonus symbols and options that this slot game offers, you can be sure you will end up with some lucrative wins if you play with higher denominations. Give it a try.


Pikachu (Pokemon Series)

One of the most famous and most played series where Animals are the main thing is Pikachu. Pokemon Yellow made a fantastic invention with the Pikachu character, and after the huge fame that he received, he was made into a worldwide companion in the game. There is a huge difference in the game after Pikachu was introduced, as you would no longer need to travel alone.

The character made a huge impact on the world overall, as he is one of the most cosplayed characters from video games, kids always use his words “PIKAAA” before he makes an electrical shock, and his fame brought animal games to a totally different level.

Devil May Cry Online Video Game

Devil May Cry Online Video Game

There are many action devil games that you can find on the market, a nice amount of them have a good review and are played by more than million gamers, and when we narrow down the list, it comes down to one game series – Devil may Cry.

When it comes to Devil games and things to do online, there is one thing that can boost y our adrenaline rush and trigger the inner fear inside you – Slots Devil. Series of perfect games that are available to play online with the push of one button. Here you can find many different games, but according to the site and the slot theme of the games, you know what to expect. Wager in some cash to get the reels spinning, set the highest denominations and expect life changing prizes to land on your wallet. These games are one of the best-rated games and are played from the Devil May Cry players, recommended and rated all over the net. Now let’s get back to our Diablo game and its review.

Available on PC. PS4 and Xbox 360, Devil may Cry is all that Capcom fans need – a great game, perfect graphics, smooth game play, evolving story and action seen only in this game. It is a mix of several other projects that Capcom had like Resident Evil: Outbreak, Dark Void and Bionic Commando, and with all the best elements from these games, the best parts that the fans loved, the movies that inspired and amazed the players, Devil may Cry was born.

Devil may Cry is a reboot from the previously mentioned games, and together with a little touch of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West by Ninja Theory, which had an impact on the overall design of the game, it couldn’t put several different things together and fix the puzzle better.

In the first four series of the game, the main Villain was Dante, where you would constantly chase, battle and eventually he would run away and be available again in the next series. After the reboot, his brother and a rival called Vergil take his place as the biggest and evilest devil in the game, the devil that you are supposed to bring down into tears.

When you first enter the series, the gameplay is the thing that will catch your attention. The perfect, smooth gameplay decanted into traditional third person 3D action game is something that Devil may Cry is well-known for, and it’s what drives the players back to the streets of the action in it. With all the intense moments that are happening almost every second where Dante constantly sends soldiers from below the ground that has only one goal – to cut you in half and stop you. You should definitely try this game if you are an action game lover, and seeker of challenging and scary things.



Best Egypt Games Throughout the History

Best Egypt Games Throughout the History

Egypt, together with its rich history and mythology, offers a fantastic storyline and plot for the video games of all genders. They are rich with symbols, ideas, fights, tales, worships and mythical creatures, as well as architecture that cannot be compared to any other in the world. We can often find games that are revolving around this theme, and although the number is countless, we’ve decided to narrow the list and offer several of them, regardless of the gender of the game, so check them out!



Yugi Mutou is a young boy that is bullied around but has special powers which eventually finds out about them. He starts playing card games and gambles with them, while the entire plot of the game revolves around Ancient Egypt and the happenings in the past on that land of the earth. If you are up for learning a bit more about the Egypt and the culture overall while playing a game, this is a good one for you. Check it out.


Cleopatra Slot Game

The mighty female ruler of Egypt received her own video slot game where you can reach towards Ancient Egypt and the artefact-clad reels.  IGT surely made one promising slot game, and it is the perfect Egyptian-themed game where not only you will have fun but will win fantastic prizes. Explore the reels and the magical moments in this Cleopatra Slot Game, learn a thing or two about Egypt and the most important symbols, and have an amazing time while grabbing some fancy, shiny wins.


Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

A Third Person action adventure game that can be played on Nintendo, Xbox, Play Station 2 and Game Cube Consoles. A quite out of date game that has everything that it takes to be on this list as it offers fantastic playing time and outstanding user experience despite the age of the game.

Released in November 2003, this game offers you the role of a demi-god where you play Sphinx and you need to battle your way through the monsters inside the tombs and reach Tutankhamen’s chamber for the ultimate fight. This game also offers logical thinking and puzzle-solving challenges. Check it out!


Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

Core Design made one of the best and well-known game series that started way back in 1996, while this particular expansion that revolves around the Egypt Culture was released on 16th of November 1999. It was primarily available for Play Station and later on for PC.

Climb up the ropes, run on walls, swing down from the ceiling and be flexible enough to escape through the tiny holes in the stones of the tombs. A smooth gameplay with fantastic information about the Egypt culture reinforced with some of the best moves up to date in the gaming world. Tomb Raider was a quite popular game back in the days, and the series continues up to date, with different parts of the world as the themes of the amazing female character. Check them out!

Best Underwater Games

Best Underwater Games

Video games that are based on land and sky events may sometimes include water and underwater adventures in them, but due to the massive amount of work on land and up there in the skies, they are unable to fully take care of the finesse and the surroundings inside the water. The movement is not so great, the control of the character and everything that revolves around it could be much better, and we should focus playing this games for where they are developed for – land!

For this particular reason, there are video games that are themed underwater, which are a perfect example of how things are doing under the water surface. With slower movements, little pressure, aquatic creatures and bubbles all around, these games are perfect for you if you want to “get wet” and experience everything that the underwater has to offer. Let’s see some of the games that can propose this, so pick your best one and dive in!



Flow started as an idea for a screensaver, where one-celled creatures are flowing around the screen and making an interesting pattern. The developers’ light bulb above their head shined lid in one moment, and they used the concept to create one unique and interesting game.

You start off as a one-celled creature and work your way out in the food chain happening underwater. Eat some of the essential foods for you to start dividing into more cells, and eventually reach the highest levels of the sea, controlling it and being the fearless monster.



This is your personal aquarium and at the base levels all you can do is gather some fish and hope they won’t starve or get eaten by invaders. As you progress through the levels, you will acquire a snail that will collect the coins that are coming in your aquarium. The swordfish will repel off all the invaders that are trying to eat your fish and take your coins – they are alien fish and are teleporting inside your tank. It’s a great joy to play this game and watch your personal small sea develops.


Mermaid Millions

A Quickfire slot game that prizes the underwater and spins the reels to give you interesting rewards and fun times while you play it. Mermaid Millions online slot has an advantage of paying out real money and it’s one of the best slots game on the market, where by coincidence and relevance to the topic, it uses underwater creatures to entertain you. Set up your denomination, play on several different levels, and hold your breath longer to claim more prizes.


Silent Hunter 3

This is one of the best submarine simulators in the gaming market, where you go as deep as any other game goes. Having in consideration that this game is developed in 2005, it has some nice graphics and amazing gameplay that will make you want to play more. Some of the missions may take up to three days to complete due to the depths of the seas, but that will only make this game more interesting and inviting. Give it a try!


Best Bubble Shooter Games for Mobile

Best Bubble Shooter Games for Mobile

Bubble games are overwhelming the internet. They are all over in many different games like shooting games, slot games, matching games and what else not. And why not? They are fun, they bring positive energy, they are entertaining and in examples like Double Bubble slot, they can add you a life changing amount of cash to your account! It’s up to you to choose which sort of bubble game you’d like to play.

We have set a list of the best shooter bubble games, as they are the ones that are dragging the most attention nowadays on the internet, so take a quick look at them and try the one that suits you the best.


Bubble Witch 2 Saga

A game that was developed by the Candy Crush Saga developers made Bubble Witch Saga that was available at Facebook since 2012. Because it’s popularity on Facebook, they developed it for Apple Store and iOS store as well. It has perfect graphics, which are fun and the best thing according to player’s reviews. It is interactive, which means you can play it with friends and they can help you with more lives, and also, it’s quite easy to play and advances through the levels for more difficult gameplay.


Bubble Mania

It is addicting shooter bubble game with over 100 challenging puzzle levels. Bubble Mania offers something that the other games don’t have, and that is the most relaxing music you will find in a popular game. There are multiple power-ups that will help you enhance and experience the game at its finest, as well as pass all the challenging obstacles that will come upon your way to the top!

As many other games, there are in-game purchases which make the game little less demanding as you would have to buy items, but the positive thing is that it doesn’t affect your gameplay if you decide not to play.

You play the game with energy, and once you run out of it, you would need to wait for hours, or use the in-game shop to get more.


Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Baby Pandas need a hero to be rescued! This is where your heroic abilities come out on the light. Use the power ups, battle your way through the 140+ levels of puzzles with extraordinary animations and graphics. You can join up and play with your friends on this Facebook game.

What could be improved in Shoot Bubble Deluxe is that it could be a bit more rewarding for the players and it could motivate them a bit more by bringing in the juicy prizes.


Bubble Blaze

This is a typical bubble pop game where you need to pop your way through 160+ stages and reach the final, ultimate, and hard to pass level. There are unique combos that only this game allows, which will bring you more points, and the graphics and animations in this game are outstanding, just as the other games that are on this list. Facebook integrates with all the other leader boards of this game, therefore you can track and compete for whichever platform you are playing.

Video Games With the Best Devil Characters

Video Games With the Best Devil Characters

When it comes to video games, there are people who would rather take the path of the more challenging, mysterious, dark and troubling rather than the familiar, light settings. For this reason, video games where the Devil is the main character or you can find him somewhere in the game are really popular among the players.

You can find him under many names such as the Satan, El Diablo, EA, and you can find him in many sites, out of which the Games at Slots Devil are our favourite and many series where he plays a major role like Devil May Cry. He is the same guy, the one that opposes God himself, the ruler of the Underworld, the burning champion. Are you ready for these challenges? Did you put your sunscreen on? This is our list of best games with devils.
Mundus (Devil May Cry)

As we previously mentioned, Devil May Cry is one of the best games where they represent the Devil himself as an awesome figure and character. In the video series, you are half human half god where you father was one of the finest warriors in the world. Now you are here to face his once fierce enemy. When you put it like this, things are quite easy for the main character which you role play, but once you get inside the game not everything is so simple. The devil is a three-eyed demon Emperor which has built up anger over the years for your father and you, and now it is your duty to face him just as your father did. Awesome game with several series under their name.


Lucifer (Dante’s Inferno)

A famous story about Dante Alighieri and his political hanger-on! He wrote the three books that are well famous named Paradise, Hell and Purgatory. Since Dante was unable to beat some of the people that he had hatred towards in real life, he would torture them in his books. The main character that does this was The Devil named Lucifer. His story is well known around the globe, but a slightly different Dante is presented in the game. He is a knight with a weapon that challenges Lucifer and death themselves! Amazing boss fights and illustrations of the Devil himself can be found in this game!


Diablo (Diablo)

With three series and all the tortures that Diablo himself had done to the players playing this game, it is worth stating that according to me, and to many, many gamers, that this is the true devil of video games. Diablo one and two were a pain in the neck, and the fascinating thing is that they are far easier than the Diablo in Diablo III. Heads up for the ones that haven’t finished the final boss fight yet as they are approaching hell – and we mean it. Running around from fire, spikes all around, Diablo the size like he was in your biggest and most horrifying dreams.  Don’t give up, he can be defeated…eventually.

How to Win the Bingo

How to Win the Bingo

We all know that Bingo is a game of chance, luck and there are not some major things that you can do that will help you make a drastic change in the outcome. You won’t have a control over the balls, the wheel, and the particular order of the drafts. However, there are several things that you can do which might slightly improve your chances of winning a bingo and landing a major prize. If you are eager to try and implement some of the tips after reading them, check Blighty Bingo UK, where you can find many bingo games as well as slots, roulette and many other prize games.


Get Ready Early – This will not have a big effect on the performance of your numbers, it will definitely give you a head start, organise you and make you feel prepared.


The Tippett Theory – The famous British statistician L.H.C. Tippett came up with a complex theory that involves randomness where depending on the number of balls participating in the random event and the length of the game, the outcome should be different.

When there are more balls, you should always go for the numbers near to the end, and such an example is he bingo with 99 balls. Tippett states that you should always go for the number closer to one and 99 because of the quantity of numbers and short game, while when playing with fewer numbers but the game lasts for much longer, the game will gravitate towards number near to the middle number, in this example, to the number 45.

If you are a skilled number with much experience, you will always know which games last longer and which is going to end soon.


More cards for More Chances!

Before doing this step, you need to realize how many cards (or in some bingos “books”) you can pay attention to, as buying more than you can handle can mean missing some of the numbers that will pop out of the wheel.

For example, if there are 20 players playing the bingo and each player has one card, you have 5% to win the bingo, while if you buy three more you will have 17% chances. For more cards that you have, the chances will be bigger, but remember that if you end up with for example 7 your chances will get lower due to the fast draw as you will be unable to keep track with the numbers.


Understand Game Sizes

There are talks around, and it would be logical, that the fewer players that play the game, the more chances you would have for a win as if there are 5 players you would have 20% of winning where with 2 you would have 50%, but that’s not always the case.
Before playing you should definitely understand the game size and notice what kind of game you are playing, as some games like Bingo Jackpot often plays out correspondingly to the number of players – the more players, the more chances you will have for a win, as there will be more cards and more combinations available.