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Workout Apps for the Perfect Body

Workout Apps for the Perfect Body

Regardless whether your ambitions are to look great on the beach or pool, put an accent on those six packs, lose some weight or simply stay fit and in shape as you are, there are many applications online that will help you achieve your goal. Some of them focus on bodybuilding, others on six packs, while the third group also think eating plays an important role in the overall process.

Because of the versatility and plethora of applications on the market, we have narrowed the list down to few applications which are one of the best on the market, so if you are interested in the attractive body, check these out.


Adidas Workout App

An application that will increase your motivation in working out and will help you with meditation. It also tracks your sleep so accordingly, it gives you an idea of how much you should train. It suggests video links to YouTube which are most relevant to the exercise, and also while meditating you can check if there are any Free Spins at Dunder to kickstart your day.

One of the best apps that also tracks your eating habits and suggests meals and the best thing is that it’s absolutely free.


Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

If you are a beginner at yoga, you will find this app lovely. It has vocals that will guide you through the practice and with each workout it has a matching music that goes perfectly with the exercise.


Fitbod Workout Log

For a price of zero, you can get one of the best working out and bodybuilding applications available on the market. A step by step instructions with apps tailored for your body type, weight and shape. Set all the necessary requirements and watch the demo videos before doing the exercise for maximum efficiency.



Pocket WOT

For a £2.99 a month you have CrossFit’s greatest app for android. WOD stands for Work of the Day, and every day there are new posts of the exercises you need to watch.  There are videos included on how to do the exercises properly, and because CrossFit is a bit more dangerous, we suggest you don’t skip them.




Aaptiv is an application that teaches you exercises through audio. Plug in the headphones and listen to how the exercise needs to be done. This is the best for people for running, biking, and basically everything else because you don’t need to pull out your phone from your pocket to watch a tutorial video as it is all in your ears. This app costs £10 a month, but believe me, it’s worth the price.


Runastic Results

A free application that will help you plan 12 weeks of workout and it’s great that you don’t need anything else except your body to perform these exercises. It’s great for beginners in this niche, or for the ones that think pulling weights can harm your body – either way it works perfectly with all the levels that it has.

Devil May Cry Online Video Game

Devil May Cry Online Video Game

There are many action devil games that you can find on the market, a nice amount of them have a good review and are played by more than million gamers, and when we narrow down the list, it comes down to one game series – Devil may Cry.

When it comes to Devil games and things to do online, there is one thing that can boost y our adrenaline rush and trigger the inner fear inside you – Slots Devil. Series of perfect games that are available to play online with the push of one button. Here you can find many different games, but according to the site and the slot theme of the games, you know what to expect. Wager in some cash to get the reels spinning, set the highest denominations and expect life changing prizes to land on your wallet. These games are one of the best-rated games and are played from the Devil May Cry players, recommended and rated all over the net. Now let’s get back to our Diablo game and its review.

Available on PC. PS4 and Xbox 360, Devil may Cry is all that Capcom fans need – a great game, perfect graphics, smooth game play, evolving story and action seen only in this game. It is a mix of several other projects that Capcom had like Resident Evil: Outbreak, Dark Void and Bionic Commando, and with all the best elements from these games, the best parts that the fans loved, the movies that inspired and amazed the players, Devil may Cry was born.

Devil may Cry is a reboot from the previously mentioned games, and together with a little touch of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West by Ninja Theory, which had an impact on the overall design of the game, it couldn’t put several different things together and fix the puzzle better.

In the first four series of the game, the main Villain was Dante, where you would constantly chase, battle and eventually he would run away and be available again in the next series. After the reboot, his brother and a rival called Vergil take his place as the biggest and evilest devil in the game, the devil that you are supposed to bring down into tears.

When you first enter the series, the gameplay is the thing that will catch your attention. The perfect, smooth gameplay decanted into traditional third person 3D action game is something that Devil may Cry is well-known for, and it’s what drives the players back to the streets of the action in it. With all the intense moments that are happening almost every second where Dante constantly sends soldiers from below the ground that has only one goal – to cut you in half and stop you. You should definitely try this game if you are an action game lover, and seeker of challenging and scary things.



Healthy Reasons Why Seniors Should Play Bingo

Healthy Reasons Why Seniors Should Play Bingo

According to most studies, and as obvious as it could be, Seniors are the ones that are playing the most bingo. Whether it’s because they enjoy playing it, they are having a good time with their friends, maybe it used to be popular back in the days so they got used to it, or it’s just an activity to do to fill up their free time with something challenging and exciting. Since their time for playing sports and physical activities that will trigger the adrenaline has passed, they are seeking for something that can replace that feeling, and betting with money evokes similar feelings to those.

On the other hand, playing bingo has several advantages and healthy reasons that are great for the elderly people, and many doctors and therapists are encouraging the bingo, almost all senior houses already have bingos in their weekly schedule, many online sites are offering the same user-experiences for elders playing from home such as Blighty Bingo Online, so let’s see the reasons behind this.


  1. Hand-to-eye coordination

It is inevitable, and unneglectable, that the reflexes and hand-to-eye coordination decline as the age pass by, therefore seniors may, and will, have problems with it. This is perfect practice for the coordination, and fast reactions, whether it’s online or on the table. The speed and the repetitive nature of the game allow the seniors to practice and maintain a high level of both, reflexes and coordination.


  1. Boosting Cognitive Abilities

The second healthy reason to play this game is the improvement of cognitive abilities. Here we have the mental flexibility, the sharpness of the brain, the short-term memory and the information input of your brain. All of the above-stated are practised and repeated with each number of the bingo and will remain to do so if the elders remain to play bingo. Statistics show that bingo players perform much better than non-bingo players in mental tests where speed, memory and information input are tested.


  1. Physical health

A lot of laughter, funny moments and excitement are what this game can offer. The general health can be improved as laughter is known for a good medicine for stress relief, boosting the immune system, changing the body and the wrinkles, or even diminishing some pain.  


  1. Socialization

If seniors want to be healthy, they need to be socialized and maintain a good friendship with other elderly people with the same goals and ambitions. This is perfectly done while playing this game, and with most of the bingo players tend to get to know each other outside the bingo game as well, this is the perfect occasion for new friends.


  1. Accelerates Healing

Studies show that elderly people with recent surgeries and heavier sicknesses recover faster after playing bingo and had less time spent in the hospital after the surgery. With all the positive attributes that we mentioned above having a major impact, like socializing, laughter, positive fun times, it is inevitable that they also help with the acceleration of the recovery period, therefore Bingo is always a good idea after a surgery!



Top Mythology PC Games

Top Mythology PC Games

What was once, a long time ago, part of every human in his everyday life, is now an inspiration for many video games all around the world. People worshipped the mythological, mystical and unreal gods for many years, and it has left a great mark on the world. The stories are one of the great ones from history that we have evidence of, and how we are using them in a really interesting way.

Every gamer has a desire to play mythology games, and every gamer has his favourite. Which one is yours?

We have created a list of games which are one of the best in this gender, and since you are reading this, we think they would be appropriate and suitable for you to play.
Age of Mythology – If you are in love with mythology and you find the sagas in there quite amazing, Age of Mythology is your game. Whether it’s Egyptian, Nordic or Greek Mythology, you can find it all here.

Hercules Action Game – Disney, together with the stories from the past, inspired Hercules the Action Game. One of the first games that we have all played on PS one is still a significant one in the mythological games.

Golden Goddess – A slot game where you spin reels filled with mythological creatures like demons, mythical flying creatures and amazing music that suits this period of time. While you are here, claim the free spins on Golden Goddess that we offer and check out one of the most played mythological slot games.

Wrath of the Gods – A PC game that requires a previous knowledge of the Greek Mythology, and is perfect to test the same. Compete with players online, rank higher and experience the magical era of the heroes on Olympus Mountain.

God of War II– May be one of the most violent games that you’ve come across, but it has several mythological touches to it and deserves to be on this list. Pick one of the three heroes – Perseus, Euryale or Theseus to fight by your side, and dethrone the god of the Greek Mythology, Zeus himself. This game is available on PS2, and it may seem like outdated, you have no idea how great it can be.

Kid Icarus – A really odd events related to the Mythology can occur in this rather boring base game of Kid Icarus. You are playing with a mythological icon of Icarus, and this game is available on NES console. Strangely, remains one of the greater games according to mythological game lovers.

Titan Quest – A PC game that is closely related and compared to Diablo 2. In Titan Quest, you can find almost all Greek mythological creatures in the free world where you roam, wander and explore the in-game map. Learn a thing or two about the Greek Mythology and compete on a global scale with one of the best mythological games found on PC.

Cats and the Internet

Cats and the Internet

Without a doubt, one of the most searched sites, desired animals, viewed videos, and praised creatures on the internet are the cats. How did an animal that has no intention of returning the love that we as humans give to it, conquered the social media like it does now? Why do we give so much attention to these fluffy creatures when our love is unrequited?

Ever since cats decided to abandon their domestic lands in the Near East and Egypt around 15,000 years ago and went on a journey to conquer the world, they managed to get inside the hearts of people and stick there. Traveling alongside farmers, mariners and even Vikings, the cats managed to spread through Europe and Asia, slowly taking over the world, reaching to America and South Africa, before outnumbering dogs in the world by 75 million. Now, they managed to do it on a different “platform” as well – the internet.

As we are aware, the social media nowadays is filled with animals and their cuteness, performing their skills and showing off in every way. With the popular Memes being the obvious sign of who is ruling the world, cats hold the largest section of it. Many animals have tried, managed to reach the top, most viewed sections of the sites, but were simply smashed by cats and their interesting pictures and acts.

But memes are the least of our “problems”, as cats have gone deeper into our habits. There are people fostering more than 100 cats, opening centres for them, hanging pictures on the walls. Bands play music where cats are the centre point, game producers are creating more and more games where cats are the main inspiration. You can see one of the best slot games on the market called Kitty Glitter is actually inspired by cats and their shininess.

Another famous cat icon is Hello Kitty, who managed to take over many online and land based markets at a quick pace, from games, toys, shops for clothes and you name what else. With the same speed, kit kat overflowed the sweets market and supplies chocolates, cake, and other various tasty and satisfying goods all over the world. They all revolve around cats and use them as their muse and inspiration, with almost certain positive results from the people all over the world.

Yet, the question is still unanswered – Why does the internet love cats so much?

Unlike dogs, which enjoy living with humans, wish they participate in every action, every situation and want to be part of our lives and share the joy, our most beloved animals offer almost no communications with us. You can only see them sharing a mutual interest and interacting with other members of their species in certain situations when they fight or mate. Why are they so attractive to us? Is the cuteness of their fur, elegance while walking, the position and size of their big eyes or something further, unexplained? Maybe ancient Egyptians knew more than we know now, as they praised them as gods? Hopefully, we will find out soon, and unravel this mystery of cats taking over the online world.



Most Famous Fantasy Characters in Games

Most Famous Fantasy Characters in Games

Video games have a great influence on the world. There are books, movies, parades, gatherings, big concerts, cosplay shows and what else not that is inspired by video games and the characters in it. Throughout the years, the game characters have been building their reputation and now they are a big part not only of the gaming community but in the world overall. Young children look after them as their idols and they are mentioned in many different scenarios. The list can be more than hundreds of characters long, so we will make it as short as possible and mention only a small number of them.

Pac Man

First Appeared in 1980, Pacman was a legend in the gaming world ever since. Every gamer knows Pac-Man and it has a huge influence on the gaming industry and the world.


One of the most famous Disney characters is the Ariel from Little Mermaid. You can find millions of games and Slots Such as Mermaids Millions which are inspired by this awesome character. There is even a song called Under the Sea which is its well-known by everyone.


Ever since 1987, Ruy has settled as an icon in this world. Many boxers were inspired by his gameplay in Street Fighter, and he is one of the top targeted cosplays around the world.

Arthas Menethil

No Doubt that World of Warcraft made a huge influence in the gaming community and world overall, and Arthas is one of the leading characters from it. Ever since the 1st appearance in 2002, Arghas manages to hold its ground as a popular character.

Mario & Luigi

A classy, nostalgic game that everyone played. Mario and Luigi were the connection between siblings or close friends, with Luigi usually being played by the younger brother. They are iconic figures in the world now, after more than 30 years of the first release.

Agent 47

ICA has a silent weapon and it’s called Agent 47. You can find it in the Hitman game from 2000, but we are all sure that you as a gamer already know him and his influence.

Solid Snake

Solid Snake is a true agent – Moustache, Smoking suit and a voice that shakes mountains. It warrants shouting, screaming and everything that a true agent should possess. A true example!

Illidan Stormrage

Another character developed by Blizzard Entertainment in World of Warcraft series. Illidan is a true influence that appeared in 2002, but due to its popularity, he had to reappear at some point, which was 2016. Will there be a third time?


A regular teenage hedgehog that enjoys running. Supersonic has left his mark in the world and when speed is a question, Supersonic has to appear.

Cloud Strife

The Final Fantasy character appeared in 1997 and is known by its Buster Sword. A turnover in JRPG Design and in how the world is being seen from pure eyes.


Shigery Miyamoto, apart from creating Mario and Luigi, managed to find himself on this list once more. This time, it’s Link from The Legend of Zelda, a game from 1986 that shock the RPG world and spread across many platforms in record time.