Top Mythology PC Games

Top Mythology PC Games

What was once, a long time ago, part of every human in his everyday life, is now an inspiration for many video games all around the world. People worshipped the mythological, mystical and unreal gods for many years, and it has left a great mark on the world. The stories are one of the great ones from history that we have evidence of, and how we are using them in a really interesting way.

Every gamer has a desire to play mythology games, and every gamer has his favourite. Which one is yours?

We have created a list of games which are one of the best in this gender, and since you are reading this, we think they would be appropriate and suitable for you to play.
Age of Mythology – If you are in love with mythology and you find the sagas in there quite amazing, Age of Mythology is your game. Whether it’s Egyptian, Nordic or Greek Mythology, you can find it all here.

Hercules Action Game – Disney, together with the stories from the past, inspired Hercules the Action Game. One of the first games that we have all played on PS one is still a significant one in the mythological games.

Golden Goddess – A slot game where you spin reels filled with mythological creatures like demons, mythical flying creatures and amazing music that suits this period of time. While you are here, claim the free spins on Golden Goddess that we offer and check out one of the most played mythological slot games.

Wrath of the Gods – A PC game that requires a previous knowledge of the Greek Mythology, and is perfect to test the same. Compete with players online, rank higher and experience the magical era of the heroes on Olympus Mountain.

God of War II– May be one of the most violent games that you’ve come across, but it has several mythological touches to it and deserves to be on this list. Pick one of the three heroes – Perseus, Euryale or Theseus to fight by your side, and dethrone the god of the Greek Mythology, Zeus himself. This game is available on PS2, and it may seem like outdated, you have no idea how great it can be.

Kid Icarus – A really odd events related to the Mythology can occur in this rather boring base game of Kid Icarus. You are playing with a mythological icon of Icarus, and this game is available on NES console. Strangely, remains one of the greater games according to mythological game lovers.

Titan Quest – A PC game that is closely related and compared to Diablo 2. In Titan Quest, you can find almost all Greek mythological creatures in the free world where you roam, wander and explore the in-game map. Learn a thing or two about the Greek Mythology and compete on a global scale with one of the best mythological games found on PC.

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