Cute Animals found in Video Games

Cute Animals found in Video Games

Since the very simple video games, there were players that were sceptic about the theme of the game, the design, and the origin. There are different kinds of players that demand different games – some may like the thrill and adventure of horror games, action games with a lot of spilling blood, violence, and artificial creatures. Others may like strategy and historical games that demand brain activation, while third may just want to simply lay back and enjoy with some cute animals running around the yard or wherever, that will evoke cute feelings inside them.

For the latter, we have narrowed down the list of cute animal games that are available on PC, and that is worth for you to try. Take a good look at the game and let us know if you have any suggestions.


Ecco the Dolphin

The Trippy underwater adventures continue with Ecco the Dolphin, where you sing to the other dolphins, do back flips inside and out of the water while the game keeps you calm and entertained. The game is themed back in the time where Dolphins were the most advanced creatures in the world. Still considered as the most intellectual water mammals, and they deservingly got a game dedicated to them.


Dogmeat (Fallout Series)

In the original Fallout, the owner of Dogmeat is beat to death by thugs, and this lovely canine companion seeks for revenge. After witnessing what happened to his owner, he distrusts everyone, so you need to show him that not everything is as it seems, and he will start to follow you. One of the best and loveliest animal characters that can accompany you in video games.


Kitty (Kitty Glitter)

Here, IGT had taken animals into different kind of game, Slot game. There are several Kittens that are the main actors in this game, where together with some of the main objects that are representing the cats, are the symbols of this slot game. If you are interested in something like this, check out Kitty Glitter Free Spins and have a lovely time.
With perfect gameplay and interesting design and graphics added to the bonus symbols and options that this slot game offers, you can be sure you will end up with some lucrative wins if you play with higher denominations. Give it a try.


Pikachu (Pokemon Series)

One of the most famous and most played series where Animals are the main thing is Pikachu. Pokemon Yellow made a fantastic invention with the Pikachu character, and after the huge fame that he received, he was made into a worldwide companion in the game. There is a huge difference in the game after Pikachu was introduced, as you would no longer need to travel alone.

The character made a huge impact on the world overall, as he is one of the most cosplayed characters from video games, kids always use his words “PIKAAA” before he makes an electrical shock, and his fame brought animal games to a totally different level.

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