Is Gaming As Fun As It Used To Be

Is Gaming As Fun As It Used To Be

A question that is often presented to the gaming world is the question which compares video games nowadays with how video games used to be in the past. Obviously, there are two categories of people that fancy each period – some like the video games that were developed in the past, as they could, arguably, offer better stories for you to wander around with your character. Others fancy the modern games found on Blighty Bingo UK, which, as expected, can offer much better gameplay, graphics, and what else not.

So, the real question is: Is gaming as fun as it used to be?

Obviously, when the first games came out there was nothing similar to that and people were experiencing amazing times playing them. The gaming stories were inevitably good and deep, but the content of the game was rather short. The maps were not too big and you could finish a game within hours.

On the other hand, for the modern games, it is completely different – there are games nowadays which maps haven’t been explored fully after 6 years of playing. There are games with more than 50 GB of memory full of videos, animations, various textures and amazing music.

Regarding the cheat codes, it’s a different story. In the past, they used to be given to the player on purpose, for the sake of fun. They were considered a part of the game, where you basically exploit the game and experience it from a different angle. Nowadays, the Cheats are considered something you should avoid, and if you are caught using a cheat, it will result in a punishment. This is explainable due to the reason that most of the games nowadays are played online, and in order to keep a balance between the players and to be fair with others, the games have to stay like they are, without abuses.

Another interesting topic to cover is the music in games. The older games had audio limitations, and the memorable chiptunes of 8/16 bit were a simple masterpiece. Some of the games were recognised by their interesting catchy and easy to remember the music. Nowadays, whole bands or famous musicians are called to record the tracks that will be used in the songs. Even in this subtopic of the music in the games, people think differently. Some enjoy the few sounds of music that was present in the first games rather than the bands with sophisticated high sounds that we have now.

As the last thing to mention when we compare these two is the pirating of the games. Easier, the whole console was easy to crack and games were pirated within hours, but nowadays due to the complexity of the game, and the high-tech algorithm of the consoles, it takes much longer.

The question can’t be answered with one true answer, and the debate will always last. Personally, I’d go with the better music, better graphics, larger map, online, and much different controller options, modern games. What is your choice?

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