Lord of the Rings Inspired Video Games

Lord of the Rings Inspired Video Games

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Novels and later movies that were made inspired by them called Lord of the Rings have made a remarkable impact on the world on how we all look at the past where Middle earth owned the floor. It brought us a whole new dimension and whole new view of the middle earth and with the power of video games, we can relive the whole situation, be in that period of time and play it instead of just watching movies where you have no control over anything.

Many video games were made that were inspired by Lord of the Rings movies, and taking the elements of them, they made a perfect re-mastery of the world at that time, so let’s take a look at the games that are worth mentioning and playing that was inspired by LotR. We decided to make one interesting list of games with different gender, simply to satisfy the needs of every kind of player out there! Enjoy!


Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the rings online is well known for its large map with towering mountains, spreading large fields, a plethora of cities where you can see amazing architecture, soul and character. It is the perfect game for the ones that are eager to find out more about the Middle-earth time and explore everything that this world inside the video game, that doesn’t differ much from the real world lived at that time, and get a grip and taste of reality several hundred years ago.

Ever since 2007 when this game was released, it grabbed the attention of Middle-earth lovers that were amazed by the graphics, vast map, gameplay and resemblance of the game with the real world.


Gonzo’s Quest

An interesting game that is here to bring you something that other games from this gender won’t. Net Entertainment made Gonzos Quest Slot as one of the best resemblances of the Middle-earth time where you can learn a lot from the symbols in it. What differs this game from the other games that are on this list is the fact that this game can earn you quite a lot of real money. It can be played with denomination from £0.20 all the way up to £200.00 where you spin the five reels and have 20 paylines that can help you get what you want.

Learn more about this LotR inspired game while you have amazing chance of life changing, lucrative prizes.


LEGO Lord of the Rings  

TT is a company that uses social materials to get inspiration for their games, and this time, in LEGO Lord of the Rings, as you might have guessed from the name, they use LEGOs.

Released in 2007, it talks about the Middle-earth period with a lot of characters from the LorT story.


Battle for Middle-earth II

From 2006 until now, it’s one of the most played strategy games which are inspired by LotR and the Middle-earth. If you are up for a great map, control over everything that is happening in your surroundings, and variability in events, definitely check this out.

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