Mythical Creatures in Video Games

Mythical Creatures in Video Games

Mythology is one of the richest sources and best inspiration when it comes to modern video games. The mythical creatures simply fit in too well to be neglected, and we can see an influence of them in every game, regardless of the gender of the game, or the origin of the mythical story.

There are far too many creatures to be mentioned, so we decided to go for the top ones, the ones which are used in most of the games and the ones you’ve most certainly come across.



Originally appearing in the Chinese mythology as gods, Dragons can be found in almost every mythology around the world. They can also be found in more games than you can imagine, from some of the most played online games such as World of Warcraft, or Neverwinter, but it made the most significant impact on Skyrim, where they are the main antagonists and the source of the Dragonborn hero which you are playing with, granting the skills used throughout the game.


We are talking about all the different main gods from mythologies:

Zeus – One of the crucial characters in DotA, present, as expected, in Age of mythology.

Odin – Final Fantasy XV character, Fight of Gods hero.

Poseidon – Kingdom of Poseidon, Zeus and Poseidon

The list would be endless, so if you are seeking for a game that is purely inspired by Mythological gods, check Titan Quest, Gods of Rome, Clash of the Titans, Olympus Rising, and much, much more!



Mermaids also play a big part of the gaming community and can be easily placed on this list of games which are inspired by Mythological creatures. Unlike the Gods and Dragons that preach fighting and violence, the Mermaids are quite nice and friendly creatures, and can be found in games such as The Little Mermaid which may sound familiar by the Disney Movie, but it’s also a video game. Mermaid Millions Slot Game is one different from the others where you can win amazing cash by playing this game. Here, the Mermaids come to your aid in the search for the long-lost treasure at the bottom of the sea and help you with all your needs.



Starting from one of the oldest, yet still played game Zelda, throughout Peter Pan movies and games, Fairies played an important part of the mythical creatures in video games.

As an important part of European folklore for many centuries, Fairies simply had to find their role in some major character of a video game that shook the world, and it is the Link from The Legend of Zelda that steps up for this.


As an addition let’s just mention Shiva, from Final Fantasy games as well as the Hydra that appeared in the Hercules PS1 game and never stopped appearing in modern games, although as time passes by these two have less and less impact on the video games world. What are your thoughts about our list? DO you think we missed some major mythological character?



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