Most Famous Fantasy Characters in Games

Most Famous Fantasy Characters in Games

Video games have a great influence on the world. There are books, movies, parades, gatherings, big concerts, cosplay shows and what else not that is inspired by video games and the characters in it. Throughout the years, the game characters have been building their reputation and now they are a big part not only of the gaming community but in the world overall. Young children look after them as their idols and they are mentioned in many different scenarios. The list can be more than hundreds of characters long, so we will make it as short as possible and mention only a small number of them.

Pac Man

First Appeared in 1980, Pacman was a legend in the gaming world ever since. Every gamer knows Pac-Man and it has a huge influence on the gaming industry and the world.


One of the most famous Disney characters is the Ariel from Little Mermaid. You can find millions of games and Slots Such as Mermaids Millions which are inspired by this awesome character. There is even a song called Under the Sea which is its well-known by everyone.


Ever since 1987, Ruy has settled as an icon in this world. Many boxers were inspired by his gameplay in Street Fighter, and he is one of the top targeted cosplays around the world.

Arthas Menethil

No Doubt that World of Warcraft made a huge influence in the gaming community and world overall, and Arthas is one of the leading characters from it. Ever since the 1st appearance in 2002, Arghas manages to hold its ground as a popular character.

Mario & Luigi

A classy, nostalgic game that everyone played. Mario and Luigi were the connection between siblings or close friends, with Luigi usually being played by the younger brother. They are iconic figures in the world now, after more than 30 years of the first release.

Agent 47

ICA has a silent weapon and it’s called Agent 47. You can find it in the Hitman game from 2000, but we are all sure that you as a gamer already know him and his influence.

Solid Snake

Solid Snake is a true agent – Moustache, Smoking suit and a voice that shakes mountains. It warrants shouting, screaming and everything that a true agent should possess. A true example!

Illidan Stormrage

Another character developed by Blizzard Entertainment in World of Warcraft series. Illidan is a true influence that appeared in 2002, but due to its popularity, he had to reappear at some point, which was 2016. Will there be a third time?


A regular teenage hedgehog that enjoys running. Supersonic has left his mark in the world and when speed is a question, Supersonic has to appear.

Cloud Strife

The Final Fantasy character appeared in 1997 and is known by its Buster Sword. A turnover in JRPG Design and in how the world is being seen from pure eyes.


Shigery Miyamoto, apart from creating Mario and Luigi, managed to find himself on this list once more. This time, it’s Link from The Legend of Zelda, a game from 1986 that shock the RPG world and spread across many platforms in record time.

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