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Workout Apps for the Perfect Body

Workout Apps for the Perfect Body

Regardless whether your ambitions are to look great on the beach or pool, put an accent on those six packs, lose some weight or simply stay fit and in shape as you are, there are many applications online that will help you achieve your goal. Some of them focus on bodybuilding, others on six packs, while the third group also think eating plays an important role in the overall process.

Because of the versatility and plethora of applications on the market, we have narrowed the list down to few applications which are one of the best on the market, so if you are interested in the attractive body, check these out.


Adidas Workout App

An application that will increase your motivation in working out and will help you with meditation. It also tracks your sleep so accordingly, it gives you an idea of how much you should train. It suggests video links to YouTube which are most relevant to the exercise, and also while meditating you can check if there are any Free Spins at Dunder to kickstart your day.

One of the best apps that also tracks your eating habits and suggests meals and the best thing is that it’s absolutely free.


Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

If you are a beginner at yoga, you will find this app lovely. It has vocals that will guide you through the practice and with each workout it has a matching music that goes perfectly with the exercise.


Fitbod Workout Log

For a price of zero, you can get one of the best working out and bodybuilding applications available on the market. A step by step instructions with apps tailored for your body type, weight and shape. Set all the necessary requirements and watch the demo videos before doing the exercise for maximum efficiency.



Pocket WOT

For a £2.99 a month you have CrossFit’s greatest app for android. WOD stands for Work of the Day, and every day there are new posts of the exercises you need to watch.  There are videos included on how to do the exercises properly, and because CrossFit is a bit more dangerous, we suggest you don’t skip them.




Aaptiv is an application that teaches you exercises through audio. Plug in the headphones and listen to how the exercise needs to be done. This is the best for people for running, biking, and basically everything else because you don’t need to pull out your phone from your pocket to watch a tutorial video as it is all in your ears. This app costs £10 a month, but believe me, it’s worth the price.


Runastic Results

A free application that will help you plan 12 weeks of workout and it’s great that you don’t need anything else except your body to perform these exercises. It’s great for beginners in this niche, or for the ones that think pulling weights can harm your body – either way it works perfectly with all the levels that it has.

Best Android Application Releases 2017

Best Android Application Releases 2017

Inevitably, and lucky for us, the world and the technology are moving forward. It means that we are adapting to the lifestyle that we preach, and we also adopt the devices that we use to fit in that kind of lifestyle – all of our favourite applications and games such as Double Bubble are now responsive for a mobile device as well.

Recent analyses show that Android’s Store has passed Microsoft Windows store in the capacity and popularity of the operating system. This is not surprising as many of the new applications that can be used on a mobile device are not even made for desktop usage, and that is due to the lifestyle we just mentioned. Since it’s the 1st years where mobile devices rule the world, there are some amazing applications that made this possible – and we have put together a list of the best of the best, so give it a glance.


Meteor – Internet speed and application performance

Meteor is one of the apps that received very positive feedback from the users that basically tells you about the speed of your internet and how a certain application on your mobile phone perform. The application tells you whether you can watch a certain movie in HD or 480p depending on the connection you currently have. It also compares the best internet connection from your office and the worst from the local pub, for example, so you will always know the speed of the internet of a place you visited at least once, and it can clearly be seen through a list and a map regarding your current location.


FastKey Launcher – Fast Launcher application

FastKey Launcher is an application that will make millions of people happy. With the struggle that everyone has, which is possessing tons of applications on your phone, sometimes the one you need gets lost in the bulk, and there is no easy way of finding it without a launcher application.

Open the keyboard on your mobile desktop and type whatever you need. It goes through contacts, applications, messages, and even more – download it and check the options it has.


Today Weather – One of the best forecasts in the Android store

Temperature, Air Quality, Visibility, Wind Speed, Humidity and many more information about any city in the world is what you will get with Today Weather. This is most probably the best weather application on the internet, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.


YouTube Go – YouTube for places with poor connection

With the convenience that Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite introduced in the application world and the reduced internet they used, it was about time YouTube came up with something similar to this.

YouTube Go allows you to download the videos and use them in places where there is a poor connection and save streaming costs. You can also set a limit to how much mobile data you wish to spend with YouTube Go. There are just additional options to the almost standard YouTube app, so you are not missing many features.