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Greatest Historical Games of All Time

Greatest Historical Games of All Time

There are brilliant events and happenings from the past, and what better way to make a replica out of them than decanting them in a video game and participate in those events through the virtual world? They are already well-known battles, civilizations, times where humans lived.

With the new high-tech innovations and the pace that we are moving forward, we all want to take a glance at how the world would be in the future, to project it and contribute to it. But what about the past?

We made a list of games or game series that represent certain time from the past that should be familiar to every person on this planet, so take a look at it.
Assassin’s Creed Series

With Nine Expansions, Assassin’s Creed has covered many historical events, battles, and civilizations as well as parts of the world from the Assassin’s perspective. It makes a replica out of the battles between the Assassins and the Templars where you control one character. Their next game will go back in the time when Egypt was a powerful force in the world, and there are millions of games that already have covered this time of the world, such as Rome Total War or Games Like Cleopatra Slot.


Anno Series

Not a really famous game series, although it represents events from the past and periods as it is divided in years, from 1503, 1602, 1701 and goes back to 1404. What is interesting is that the next expansion after Anno 1404 doesn’t go back, but propels itself to the future in 2070, and continues to 2205. This shows that Anno developers had a nice plan, but their futuristic move was not well accepted by the games as they are planning to go back to 1800 with their next release in Winter 2018.


Call of Duty

The Call of Duty series may not be realistic but the first expansions of the game were pretty good for its time. It explained how the WW2 was revolving and building. The mechanics of the guns, the weapon choices, vehicles and everything that was there. Even the events that are there are true, but how they build up is a new scenario to make the game more interesting and challenging. If you are in love with historical shooter games, this one is for you.


Total War Series

Real time combat under your management. The Total War series covers many aspects and games that happened in recent history. You have your goal, objective and city to start with, and you need to find a way to do it. You can build a large army, you can send an assassin to kill the leader which will make your enemies move around like headless chicken, or you can try to form alliances that will benefit you and eventually weaken them later on and try to destroy them. A perfect strategical game that represents nice historical events.

Best 5 Movies Inspired by Video Games

Best 5 Movies Inspired by Video Games

Video games are known, and often judged to be underwhelming and sometimes they lack a story and quality. There are some people that simply would love to experience the amazing stories while sitting down and not moving a finger, with the amazing graphics and sound effects that the movies can offer. For these kinds of people, we have a list of five movies that are inspired by video games.


Silent Hill – Silent Hill may as well be the one of the terrifying game series ever to be developed, bringing psychologically terrifying and reality-bending stories. Some of the most odd-looking creatures invented by the creativity of the human mind could be found here, and to turn this into a movie seemed to be an immense task. But director Christoph Gans took things in his hands and decided to make this Konami game into the perfect video game movie, and so he did!

Warcraft: The Beginning – An action Fantasy film made by Duncan Jones that is inspired by the best MMORPG game and one of the best-rated video games of all time – World of Warcraft. This long-anticipated game made its debut in 2016 and received astonishing feedback from the viewers.

The film is set in the world of Azeroth and the main encounter in it is the encounter between the humans and the orcs. Several amazing locations are included in the movie that is already seen in the game.

Assassin’s Creed – Justin Kurzel definitely made one of the best video game inspired movies with the Assassin’s Creed. The game is perfectly explained in the movie, whistle using some of the latest technology that Hollywood can offer, it made it look outstandingly awesome. The story is the same – the everlasting battle between the Templars and the eternal pursuit of the Apple of Eden. The movie has an amazing outcome and ending, and it is definitely the movie we would recommend you watch.

Resident Evil – Paul W. S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt made an outstanding connection between their movie and the Japanese Capcom game with the same name. What is strange is that the feedback is constantly negative about this game, but the six series of Resident Evil are grossed over $1.233 billion worldwide, which means there are a lot of people watching it. These science fiction action—horror movie series are definitely on the top 5 list of best video game inspired movies.

Mortal Kombat – Seems like Paul W. S. Anderson found the recipe for a successful game inspired movies, as he directed this 1995 fighting film. This is a Fantasy Martial Arts movie inspired by the game that shifted the boundaries of violence in video games. The plot is same as the theme in the game – a tournament where contestants from Earth and the Outworld are fighting for the future of the Earth. If the Outworld competitors win, Shao Kahn will be given the right to invade, and most likely conquer Earth, so it is the Earth’s competitors to determine the faith of the planet.


Do you have a video game inspired movie that you think it’s worth mentioning and finding its place in this list? Let us know!