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Scariest Games You Can Play On Mobile

Scariest Games You Can Play On Mobile

Horror games are good for something as well! They will trigger the fear inside you, the adrenaline rush that will keep your eyes wide open, and your senses and brain will start working like you’ve had several coffee shots. But in the vast and deep pool of mobile games, it is hard to find a decent horror game that can make everything that we just mentioned happen. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we’ve made a short list of horror games that you should try if you are in love with this gender. Check them out.


Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance Slots is a slot game which you can play on mobile and it uses vampires and other scary things as symbols, and with enhanced creepy sound and outstanding graphics, it may make your skin crawl. The good thing about this game is that it will bring you lucrative rewards if you manage to land a winning combination on an active payline on the reels. The bonuses and the special symbols will surely help you achieve this, and the free spins and bonuses that our site offers will maximise the efficiency and most definitely make your face smiling and your pockets full. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Murder Room

Another mobile Nerve-racking game that comes from the creators of Ellie is Murder Room. Basically, it is a puzzle game with horror theme where you need to escape a room full of mysteries and puzzles. There are a timer and a lot of scary moments that will most definitely keep you on your toes.


Dark Meadow: The Pact

Bioshock played a major role in creating this game, as it is the main inspiration for the developers. Dark Meadow: The Pack is a post-apocalypse survival game with the most twists in the history of video games. Goblins are roaming the planet while you are trying to escape them and survive. They will try to catch you, and if they do, which will happen on many occasions, the screen is a scary thing to watch.


Eyes: The Horror Game

The Ryes is possibly the very first horror game that was developed for Android. This first-person shooter spooky game is a holder of quite an interesting story. Your goal is to break into a haunted abandoned mansion, get the money from inside and leave the place. Sounds easy? Give it a try.

From the yard, all the way to the objective and until you leave there will be plenty of surprises that will most definitely keep your eyes wide open.


The Abandoned School

From the first glance of the game, you will notice that it’s in black and white, which automatically is on the next level of creepiness. You are the schoolboy and you need to solve the mystery of the death of his brother and girlfriend. This is a puzzle game with many objectives, many obstacles and far too many scary moments in it. The shocking inevitable truth at the end will just put a cherry on top of the cake, so be prepared.