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Destiny 2 Beginners Tips

Destiny 2 Beginners Tips

Destiny 2 is a game that forges its own MMO path, and unlike many games from that gender that focus on remaking the same path that World of Warcraft paved for them, they are creating something brand new. And many of the players were aware of this, therefore there were many pre-orders of the game that would eventually set the players one step in front of the others and give them a head start in this amazing game.

If you are in the game a bit later the other guys might be ahead, but it doesn’t mean you should give up and things are hopeless. We are providing you with several essential tips that will make you catch all those that pre-ordered and started playing the game early. Check them out!


Finish the Story

Because of the weight and depth of the game, and many of the versatile things that you can do it like various PvP, patrols, strikes, PvE Raids and many other things, you might get lost in the beginning.

Because of this, many beginners are facing the same problem, and they are never finishing the stories all the way to the end, but the stories should be finished because the experience and the rewards at the end will give you a nice leap in experience and cool items.


Complete Bounties

The bounties in Destiny 2 are easy to obtain and even easier to pass without you even noticing them. If you are unfamiliar what bounties are, they are the special missions like defeating x monsters with precision damage, or with a special weapon. Many of the new players are ignoring them, but they give more experience than the normal missions. Always consider taking them.


Get yourself a Mark Strategy

Marks are really important when it comes to playing the game on a professional level, and if you want to achieve faster what you are up for. Depending on your focus on the game, you can choose to focus on different kinds of marks. If you are interested in PvP matches, Crucible marks are your primal choice, while Vanguard marks should be your focus if PvE is the thing that triggers you.

There is always the possibility to go both ways at the same time, but the process would take you double time until you get Legendary gear when you can get two pieces instead of one.

But whatever your choice is, don’t just go like a headless chicken all around, but make a plan so that you can know which events to participate in.


Take a Rest

Destiny 2 is a great game, but no matter how hardcore you are in a game, a 10-15 minutes rest from the game will give you back the focus necessary to continue with a high tempo towards achieving your goal. Clicking here will take you to a fantastic game that is called Double Bubble where not only you will take a rest from the intense game, but you will feel entertained, relaxed and you can end up with your pocket full of cash. Give it a try and see what we mean.

Playing Video Games Reduces Your Stress

Playing Video Games Reduces Your Stress

It is inevitable – video games reduce the level of stress and depression that we have. Period.

Whether the older generations hate them, some of the new ones can’t stand them, and part of the researchers would do everything to prove that this is wrong, it simply can’t be wrong in any way. People that are practising and have involved gaming in their lives can definitely prove that this is a correct statement, but if you want to be even more certain about this fact, there is plenty of evidence these days that it’s correct.

There is definitely some disagreement with this statement, and there are studies that are in favour of both ways of video games, but as times go by the studies bend and take a curve towards how positive video games are, that they are encouraged in school, while in some of the schools around the world there are classes where you can play games with your colleagues.

Think for yourself – a nice, smooth, tranquil game of Double Bubble, where the reels effortlessly spin and there are bubbles and fruits flying around. How can this not release your stress? Plus, add in the fact that you can win fantastic jackpots, bonuses and free spins could make your day one of the best in your life.

When you think of video games, you would probably imagine a bunch of teen boys on the couch playing games way out of our reality like fighting zombies, riding dragons and flying in in space or being violent and screaming all over the room. These prejudge are incorrect from the fact that there are less violent games nowadays compared to when video gaming was starting to be a thing.

Let’s see some interesting facts that are associated with video games.

The average age of a game would be 35 years, which is a little bit higher than we would have all guessed, making the prejudge from above definitely a false one. With 65% of households around the world possessing a device where video games of any kind can be played, it shows how people react to video games and that more than half of the world is enjoying playing video games. No one will do things they don’t enjoy, and video games are definitely not enforced by anyone.

When you divide it into genders, the male leads with 59% while girls take 41%, and the girls, after many years in the community, can brat with their number of games above 18 years, which is 31% compared to the male number under 18 years, which states 17%

If you want to know which are the most played games up until now, the answers lie in DotA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm and Call of Duty. World of Warcraft is the game that reached and stayed on the top for the past 10 years until recently, while PUBG is the game that is sailed to climb the top and be there for a long time as it seems.

Give them all a try and leave your stress behind!

Best Android Application Releases 2017

Best Android Application Releases 2017

Inevitably, and lucky for us, the world and the technology are moving forward. It means that we are adapting to the lifestyle that we preach, and we also adopt the devices that we use to fit in that kind of lifestyle – all of our favourite applications and games such as Double Bubble are now responsive for a mobile device as well.

Recent analyses show that Android’s Store has passed Microsoft Windows store in the capacity and popularity of the operating system. This is not surprising as many of the new applications that can be used on a mobile device are not even made for desktop usage, and that is due to the lifestyle we just mentioned. Since it’s the 1st years where mobile devices rule the world, there are some amazing applications that made this possible – and we have put together a list of the best of the best, so give it a glance.


Meteor – Internet speed and application performance

Meteor is one of the apps that received very positive feedback from the users that basically tells you about the speed of your internet and how a certain application on your mobile phone perform. The application tells you whether you can watch a certain movie in HD or 480p depending on the connection you currently have. It also compares the best internet connection from your office and the worst from the local pub, for example, so you will always know the speed of the internet of a place you visited at least once, and it can clearly be seen through a list and a map regarding your current location.


FastKey Launcher – Fast Launcher application

FastKey Launcher is an application that will make millions of people happy. With the struggle that everyone has, which is possessing tons of applications on your phone, sometimes the one you need gets lost in the bulk, and there is no easy way of finding it without a launcher application.

Open the keyboard on your mobile desktop and type whatever you need. It goes through contacts, applications, messages, and even more – download it and check the options it has.


Today Weather – One of the best forecasts in the Android store

Temperature, Air Quality, Visibility, Wind Speed, Humidity and many more information about any city in the world is what you will get with Today Weather. This is most probably the best weather application on the internet, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.


YouTube Go – YouTube for places with poor connection

With the convenience that Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite introduced in the application world and the reduced internet they used, it was about time YouTube came up with something similar to this.

YouTube Go allows you to download the videos and use them in places where there is a poor connection and save streaming costs. You can also set a limit to how much mobile data you wish to spend with YouTube Go. There are just additional options to the almost standard YouTube app, so you are not missing many features.

The Very First Slot Machine Symbols

The Very First Slot Machine Symbols

There are a number of symbols that appear on many of the ground slots machines and video slot games on the internet that are repeating and are present on most of the games, and although everyone is aware of this and are familiar with the symbols, they have no idea how they are made or what they mean.

For all the video and ground slot game lovers out there, we are going to make a brief history of the very first symbols of the slot machines, and it is rather an exciting and unbelievable story.


The Very First Slot

It all started back in the days where ground based machines could earn you nothing more but food or drink in the bar where they were placed. It is strange to comprehend that the very first slot machines used five reels and it had card symbols inside it. This is why almost all of the modern video slot machines nowadays have card symbols, usually as the lower valued symbols of the game.


The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell was the very first automatic slot machine which used three reels. This slot machine could payout an astonishing jackpot of £0.50 as a combination of three Bell symbols which paid x10 of the £0.05 maximum bet. This is where the Bell symbol got its attention and it has been used throughout the years and it is still used today. It counts as one of the very first symbols of slot games.


Bar and Fruit Symbols

Gambling was, and still is, restricted in some of the places around the world, and in order to go around the law but still have a profit out of the machines that were programmed to always give the owner much more than it gives to the players, they had to invent a new way around the law. This is where the fruit symbols come to play, and they were the perfect solution and the biggest hit back in the days. Land three of the same fruits and you would’ve received a bubble gum with that flavour, and later on a bag of the fruit and the rewards were going until they were replaced with money.

The Bar symbol has a different story. Because of the publicity of the slot machines and bubble gums, there were new companies rising that were producing bubble guns for the slot machines.  This is where the Bell-Fruit Gum Company stood out, as they had what is now the BAR symbols as their logo. They would put the BAR symbol in their slot machines as well, together with the bell and the fruits symbols, and they are one of the very first to combine these three different symbols together.


Today’s slots, such as Double Bubble slots and many other ones are using the Bell, Fruit and Bar symbols on their reels. Add the lucky number 7 to the reels and you have a complete image of how the classic symbols were invented.




Best Bubble Shooter Games for Mobile

Best Bubble Shooter Games for Mobile

Bubble games are overwhelming the internet. They are all over in many different games like shooting games, slot games, matching games and what else not. And why not? They are fun, they bring positive energy, they are entertaining and in examples like Double Bubble slot, they can add you a life changing amount of cash to your account! It’s up to you to choose which sort of bubble game you’d like to play.

We have set a list of the best shooter bubble games, as they are the ones that are dragging the most attention nowadays on the internet, so take a quick look at them and try the one that suits you the best.


Bubble Witch 2 Saga

A game that was developed by the Candy Crush Saga developers made Bubble Witch Saga that was available at Facebook since 2012. Because it’s popularity on Facebook, they developed it for Apple Store and iOS store as well. It has perfect graphics, which are fun and the best thing according to player’s reviews. It is interactive, which means you can play it with friends and they can help you with more lives, and also, it’s quite easy to play and advances through the levels for more difficult gameplay.


Bubble Mania

It is addicting shooter bubble game with over 100 challenging puzzle levels. Bubble Mania offers something that the other games don’t have, and that is the most relaxing music you will find in a popular game. There are multiple power-ups that will help you enhance and experience the game at its finest, as well as pass all the challenging obstacles that will come upon your way to the top!

As many other games, there are in-game purchases which make the game little less demanding as you would have to buy items, but the positive thing is that it doesn’t affect your gameplay if you decide not to play.

You play the game with energy, and once you run out of it, you would need to wait for hours, or use the in-game shop to get more.


Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Baby Pandas need a hero to be rescued! This is where your heroic abilities come out on the light. Use the power ups, battle your way through the 140+ levels of puzzles with extraordinary animations and graphics. You can join up and play with your friends on this Facebook game.

What could be improved in Shoot Bubble Deluxe is that it could be a bit more rewarding for the players and it could motivate them a bit more by bringing in the juicy prizes.


Bubble Blaze

This is a typical bubble pop game where you need to pop your way through 160+ stages and reach the final, ultimate, and hard to pass level. There are unique combos that only this game allows, which will bring you more points, and the graphics and animations in this game are outstanding, just as the other games that are on this list. Facebook integrates with all the other leader boards of this game, therefore you can track and compete for whichever platform you are playing.

Which Are One Of The Best And Most Played Mobile Fruit Games

Which Are One Of The Best And Most Played Mobile Fruit Games

There is no denying that Fruits are one of the most used symbols on the internet, and it is not a surprise – they are colourful, they are bright, they are tasty and they make people happy. There are thousands of games that involve fruits and can be found on the internet, and a quite dozen that you have to try if you are a gaming lover. That’s why we are here, to present you with a list of some of the best mobile fruit games that took over the internet in the past decade.


Fruit Ninja

One of the most awesome and badass games on the internet that revolve around fruits is the Ninja Fruit game. With many extensions, copies of the game with similar names, online tournaments and real-time rewards, it climbs to the top of the fruit ladder. To play this game you need to slide through your screen and cut the fruits in half. With an awesome samurai feeling, there is no surprise why this game is on one of the most played fruit games on the market. There are some awesome bonuses inside the game, different backgrounds, settings, music, types of swords, and you can even use more than one finger to slice the fruits in different directions and ends on the screen. Check it out.
Double Bubble

Gamesys are a casino and video slot company that is trying to reach the people in a different way. They offer a unique experience with real cash as a reward, and their best game, which is actually one of the best and most played slot games on the internet is Double Bubble. With fruits as the main symbols and fantastic rewards that are waiting for you to click the spin button,
Fruit Shoot

One of the best, if not the best fruit game for kids on the market, which can also be good for adults that wish to refresh their memory in the math field. Here fruits are the theme and they are flying around the screen with numbers of them. Aim with your mouse to guess the right answer and collect points that unlock the next level. There are many levels, and with each higher one, the difficulty of the numbers is greater and the task gets more numbers.


 Retro Fruit Crush

This is a retro game that is most certainly famous to all of you guys that are in love with fruits and these kinds of games. You need to match the fruits, in particular, similar colour and shape to clear them from the screen, allowing new ones to come, and each cleared line brings points to the player.


Doodle Fruit Games

A selection of many games including running, cycling, tennis, golf, water polo, swimming and much more. They are all played with fruit figures and players, and each is better than the other one in some particular sport – try to find out the best in your favourite discipline.


Candy Crush Alternatives

Candy Crush Alternatives

For more than 5 years, Candy Crush has held its reputation and manages to hook players to the sweets that it offers, and as time goes by, it has no intention of stopping. The candy seems to be one of the favourite things that humans from every age enjoy seeing and tasting, and when it’s decanted into an online video game that can bring you fantastic prizes, things simply can’t get any better. Because of its popularity over the years, people have been trying to do a replica of the game that seems to live in the shadow of Candy Crush…or does it? You be the judge of that!

Here are 4 games that are similar in the theme, gameplay and whopping rewards to the well-known matching game, and find the one that suits you the best:
Double Bubble

Double Bubble

A Fantastic colourful game that has something for players with every pocket size. This is a video slot game developed by Gamesys that broke several records in the slot world and is climbing higher as the days go by.

Double Bubble Slots offers a fantastic gameplay, prizes up to 20,000x of their coin sizes, so the more you wager the more incredible chances for a whopping win you will have.

Five reels and 20 paylines in combination with a bonus game and maximum payout for 5 Wild symbols on an active payline makes players happy since 2014. Let’s not mention the fantastic time you will have while spinning the fruity reels and bubbles floating around. Give it a try!

A dazzling puzzle adventure awaits you if you want to play Candy Crush similar games on your Android or iOS. If you are a fan of achievements and want to keep a track of your progress, this is a game for you.

Match three in a row to transfer some of the cool coloured gems into whopping rewards. You can also adjust the level of the gameplay if you feel like you need time to practice before going big!


Jewel Mania

Three or more of the same colour will award massive wins in Jewel Mania, just like in Candy Crush. With already more than 600 levels and new are added as soon as a new update is released, this game is going along with time perfectly, and if you decide to follow it, you won’t be bored as new things will always come in the game. Try not to get addictive though, as that is an option here.

Jelly Splash

Win three stars for each level of Jewel Splash as you progress through the hundreds of levels. With a slightly different reel position compared to the other square games, it offers a nice versatile gameplay.

Even though it looks like a childish game with its cartoonish look, it offers lucrative rewards and as soon as you hit your first streaks, you will totally forget this fact and become addictive to its levels, like most of the players did.