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Mythical Creatures found in the Seas Around the World

Mythical Creatures found in the Seas Around the World

Legendary creatures were walking the earth, and flying the skies all over the world demonstrated by different mythologies. These creatures gathered as much attention as they possibly could and are involved in many movies, video games, songs, books and tales from the past. Apart from these two groups of creatures, there are even more mysterious ones – the creatures that were swimming in the waters of Earth in the past.

Knowing the fact that only 5% of the waters of the Earth are discovered at this very moment, it’s devastating to comprehend and hard to digest the fact about the rest 95% and what could be expecting us there, but let’s focus on what we know regarding the Mythical creatures of the Sea, and mention the ones that made the most impact on our world.



The legendary sea monster that was travelling around Norway and Iceland is often mentioned in pirate stories and myths. Kraken was considered to be a giant squid that would often come up to the surface of the sea to attack ships and do damage to the people that were interfering in his territory.  There were also tales where whole islands would simply appear and after some time disappear from the map – that was the sign of Kraken and his warning for people.

There are bubble and currents in the Scandinavian seas, and this is believed to be the remainings of Kraken.



Mermaids are one of the most known mythological creatures that found their way to many movies, books, cartoons and even games where you can win money. The Mermaids are half fish half humans with the top half being the human one. One of the most famous Mermaids that paved the way for the others was Ariel, and if you wish to find out more about the mermaids while having the fantastic opportunity to earn some cash, try this Mermaids Millions Slot Bonus, and grasp everything that this site offers.



The monster that occupied the seas around Ancient Canaan, which is the Middle East region, revolving around nowadays Palestine. Leviathan is considered to be the grandson of Noah, which usually had twining sea serpent, often considered as the symbol of chaos.

Other books and tales presented Leviathan as a whale with seven heads and he was believed to be the king of lies, taking advantage of his heads, while some other mythologies considered him as the king of the fish. In modern Hebrew, the name Leviathan means whale, adopting the latter story that we just talked about.


Loch Ness Monster

Another creature that roamed the seas is The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, lived in Scotland and was presented as a female creature, due to his name. Unlike the other creatures that we mentioned, many people reported that they caught Nessie on the site or in the picture, so it is still not 100% certain whether we can place Nessie in the Mythical creatures or real live ones. Whichever category Nessie belongs to, it is one amazing sea creature that deserves her place on this list.